Destination Wedding Photographer Anna Krupka

Hi! My name is Anne, I'm a photographer and you're very welcome on my wedding photography website. If you came here, it probably means that you are looking for photographer for your wedding day, so the more I am glad you are here.

Wedding photography is my passion which happily become my work. It's an amazing opportunity to meet wonderful people, perpetuating their incredible stories, make new friendships and travel over the world. The wedding day is always a very special event for the bride and groom and after all everything that remains are memories and photographs. So I realize how important the role of a wedding photographer is. While shooting the wedding day, I try to capture everything that is important, fleeting and unspoken... emotions, love, closeness, smiles, joy, happiness, tears... As a wedding photographer, I try to tell your story in a real, natural way, how it really is.

After hours I am mountains, Scandinavia, cats and criminal novel lover. I'd be very happy to meet you. Please feel free to view my portfolio and blog stories. If you like my style of photography and you decide that I will be photographing your wedding day, it will be a pleasure to create these beautiful memories with you and for you.

I'm working in Poland and all over the world. See you there!

Feel free to contact me – Ania Krupka

Photography Association at ABC Ślubu - Niezłe aparaty Ślub na głowie Photo Vogue Excellence Award In Wedding Photography Honoring the Greatest Achievements in Professional Photography

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