Before photography became my job, for many years, I worked as an HR specialist, and photography was just my hobby "after hours". I dreamed about changing it and doing in my life only this what I want, what I like, what brings me satisfaction. And finally it happened. I gave up other activities, to be able to fully devote to what I love most. And I must admit that this was one of the best decisions in my life.

In my free time, you never meet me in the cities, I don't like large metropolises, loud and crowded places, traffic jams in the streets and shopping centers so whenever I can I just escape to nature, usually to mountain trails.


In the mountains, if only I have the opportunity I spend every free moment. There is everything that I love, where I can rest and calm to be able to come back full of energy to do my work.  Many years ago I left my heart in the Bieszczady Mountains, but I also love the Tatra Mountains, The Karkonosze Mountains and The Alps.


I love traveling. Lately I made my great dream come true and toured the entire Scandinavia by car, drove over 10,000 km through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden. And one thing I can say Scandinavia totally stole my heart. I discovered so many beautiful places there and I dream to go there once for wedding day or weding outdoor session. It was the journey of my life, the most wonderful so far and I hope it is not the last. In my dreams there is also Greenland, Alaska, Canada and New Zeland.


Besides I love to read books. Long time ago, my favorite was "Anne of Green Gables". Later in my adult life, I received a book by Harlan Coben as a gift, and that's how I felt in love with crime novels.  And I love cats. In 2004. I gave home to one, little cat who totally stole my heart and lived with me for almost 14 years. In may this year little, 3 weeks old Yogi came into my life and brought some nice changes again.

If you'd like to know me better or work with me just feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear about your story, passions and plans for life.

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