ENGAGEMENT SESSION - what to wear and where to go?

ENGAGEMENT SESSION - what to wear and where to go?

Some time ago I wrote about why it is worth doing a engagement session before the wedding. I realize that for many couples, the session is the first opportunity to take professional photos. Today, some information on how to prepare for it and where it is best to do it.


First of all when you go for enegagment session you need to bring good humor with you. This is really really important! Leave any problems at home. Remember that the session is time just for you. Your positive mood and emotions are so important. Before the session please don't talk about troubles, things that worry you. Talk about you, recall all your most beautiful moments, how you first met, how you felt on your first date, why you fell in love or what you mean to each other.

The session can be a great opportunity to remember all these important things, special moments, beautiful memories that you may have missed somewhere while getting involved in pre-wedding preparations. The way that you feel that day, your emotions will be seen in the pictures, so smile and a positive attitude are half of the battle. The same applies to the wedding session - on this day your well-being is also very important.


The most important thing is that you remember to dress comfortably with clothes that suit your tastes. You should be yourself, feel free and comfortable. Clothing should be adapted to the weather and season and should also match the place of the session. For example: high heels won't work in a mountain session and men's suit jacket doesn't necessarily match to a session in the woods. So let's keep this in mind. And of course your outfits should match each other with style and color. Remember that the most important thing in all of this is to feel and be yourself.

Before the engagement session, my couples always get the necessary dressing tips for the session. I send advices on what is welcome and what is best avoided, and also some inspirations that can help choose the right style. So you can be calm, choosing the right outfit won't be a problem for you. 


There is full freedom in this regard. You can choose the place yourself or we can do it together. If you have any of your favorite places where you feel good, where you have beautiful memories, I would love to go there with you. It could be the place where you went on your first date or where you got engaged. Or maybe where you spend your holidays and feel like home. You have your favorite park, you like mountains, walks in the woods, sunsets at the lake... It's great, we can do the session right there!

And if you have absolutely no idea where to do the session, I would be happy to advise you. In my next blog entries there will be a lot of ideas for making a session. I will write about places that I visited and which totally stole my heart. I will gladly show them to you and go there with you for shooting It will be about the mountains, about Scandinavia, about very unusual places, not necessarily popular, but very beautiful for sure. So please feel free to follow my blog. ;)

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