Love story on Canary Islands - La Graciosa - Anna Krupka | Destination Wedding Photographer

Love story on Canary Islands - La Graciosa - Anna Krupka | Destination Wedding Photographer


November last year was a special time for me. I spent two weeks in Spain, on beautiful Canary Islands, visiting, photographing and looking for special places for wedding sessions. And what is the most important I took part in The Wolves Workshops, during which I had pleasure to meet amazing people from around the world who love photography as much as I do. The workshops lasted a week and it was an extraordinary, moving and very intense time.

Today, I wanted to share with you one of the love sessions I had the pleasure to attend. The session was held on the beautiful island of La Graciosa - which is one of the smaller Canary Islands, because its surface occupies only about 30 km². This island totally captivated me. It lies in the north from Lanzarote. There are only two towns on the island. On the north, Pedro Barba - a small fishing village, inhabited only in summer. In the south of Caleta del Sebo, where there is also a port that provides communication with the "rest of the world". ;) And it was here that I had the opportunity to spend the whole week during the workshops. In Caleta del Sebo you won't meet a crowd of tourists or urban bustle, it is peaceful and quiet here, sometimes you can have the impression that time has stopped here. On the whole island you can find beautiful golden beaches, as well as numerous rubble of rocks and boulders, which are broken by waves. Volcanic-desert landscapes, no asphalt roads, peace and quiet ... here's the whole of La Graciosa.

Today I invite you for a short walk around the island with Laura and Hector - one of the wonderful couples that I had the pleasure to photograph there.

And if anyone of you dreams of a engagement sessionwedding session or you want to have an elopement wedding on Canarias, please feel free to contact me. I'll be very happy to go with you to this amazing place. I am sure that you will be captivated by this place as much as I am. :)

Special thanks to:
Laura & Hector - you were amazing, the session with you was a real pleasure. :)
James Moes and Lukas Piatek - for all the valuable tips and advices that I received from you.

Many thanks also to:
Aurelia Gil
El Arriate Flores
Maquillaje Las Palmas
Mariposas Blancas
and all the incredible staff from Wolves Workshop!

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