Intimate wedding in Wroclaw | Anna Krupka | Destination Wedding Photographer

Intimate wedding in Wroclaw | Anna Krupka | Destination Wedding Photographer

Some of you may already know Monika and Marek, because you could see their engagement session before. Monika and Marek live in Wroclaw, Poland. They came to me thanks to the alternative weddings fair Concept Weddings. They got married on a warm, summer afternoon. A small wedding reception for family and close friends took place in the charming Hotel Platinum Palace in Wroclaw. Their wedding was intimate and family like they had dreamed of. Monika and Marek took care of all the decorations themselves and the rest was beautifully complemented by flowers from Kwiaty w Mieście. They went alone by their car to the church to said YES. At the party there was no DJ or band playing music, there were no traditional throwing a bouquet or tie, but there were lots of love, warm family atmosphere, smiles, time for talks, time for loved ones, for yourself, time to just be together. The smile did not leave their faces that day...

The engagement session that we did earlier allowed us to get to know each other better, so going to them for a wedding I felt like I was going to good friends, but it turned out to be something more, I was accepted like a family member. It was a special day for them and very emotional time for me. Such weddings are remembered for a long time.

We went to Bukowiec Castle for the wedding session. And there we were able to create a beautiful, intimate wedding pictures. So let me invite you to watch the short history of Monika and Marek.

Wedding dress: salon FLOSSMANN, Wrocław.
Siut: salon DIUK Wrocław.
Beautiful flowers: Kwiaty w Mieście.
Make-up: Monika Bicz - Beauty and The Bicz.
Hair: Marta Kołodziejczak BEM Wrocław

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