Love in Bieszczady Mountains - Anna Krupka | Destination Wedding Photographer

Love in Bieszczady Mountains - Anna Krupka | Destination Wedding Photographer


Someone once said that you only go once in the Bieszczady Mountains, and then you just come back ... And indeed this is true. From the moment I went there for the first time, Bieszczady became my place on earth. I could go there constantly, every day, at any time of the year. Over the past years I've known there every trail I still don't have enough. Peace and quiet, usually empty and uncrowded trails. And mountains everywhere. Nothing more is needed for happiness.

When I suggested to Magda and Kuba an engagement session there and I heard "we go" I was very happy! Start on Saturday morning, return on Sunday evening ... And because I have about 380 km to get to Bieszczady it was a bit crazy, but a beautiful weekend!


For shooting we went to Połonina Wetlinska, probably the most popular one, but also one of the most beautiful Bieszczady mountain range. There were not many people on the trail, just like at the very top, peace and quiet. Only a strong wind was giving a bit of a blow, but it diversified the photos. Magda's scattered hair in the pictures gave them even more charm. Time passed on conversations, tales about travels and taking photos. Everything in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
After returning from the mountains, there was only time to relax, hot wine and long evening talks about the wedding day of Magda and Kuba, which took place a week later.

And now I invite you to watch my favorite frames from our Bieszczady adventure. And if anyone of you would like to go to Bieszczady for a wedding photo session or engagement session, feel free to contact me. I am happy to go there with you, anytime.

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