Julian - newborn session in Myszków

Julian - newborn session in Myszków

Today, the newborn session of a wonderful little Julek, on which I went to his home to Myszków in Silesia. I have to admit that little Julek deserves only praise, as a small model just made a fantastic. He slept sweetly in a whole session. I think that kind of the small model is the dream of every newborn photographer. :) In his house I spent a little over three and a half hours with carrying, unpacking, taking pictures and packing and carrying all the equipment back to my car. More than that, I managed to do more photos than it was planned. Such models are real treasures. :)

Thanks a lot to Julian's parents for their trust, support and a warm atmosphere during the session.

Below are some of my favorite frames, which I chose from many that I was managed to do. And just look how wonderful Julian was. And his wonderfully long eyelashes ... ehh, I'm convinced that in the future this little handsome one will steal not one female heart ... :)

The bonnets that I used during the session and many more newborn photography props you can find here: The Little Angel - Newborn Props:

And feel free to watch...

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